Morgan Clae and B.Keyz Join Forces for “Uninspired”

This R&B and EDM fusion is one to look for!

Uninspired” serves as a creative outlet for Morgan’s inner self doubt and career questioning thoughts. Sadly, most artists have experienced the feelings at some point in their careers. Her ability to open up with such vulnerability on this track allows her to connect with her burgeoning fan base. As such, it gives them a safe place to address their own inner turmoil. This new age song is filled with heavy electronic sounds and striking vocals. On the other hand, they contrast her previously more lighthearted, and ethereal sounding releases dramatically.

Introspective and imaginative

Instead of keeping these thoughts to herself and allowing them to continue haunting her, Morgan gave them life by turning them into lyrics and used them to create something different. She asked herself, “What if I plateau and everything I’m making sounds the same and mediocre?” “Uninspired” proves that she’s anything but finished creating boundary-testing music. 

Though Morgan has been a musician all her life, embarking on this new journey of producing music is her next biggest challenge. Her father, a classically trained composer and choral director impacted her entire world through music. From teaching Morgan simple minutes when she was four, to jamming out to Chicago and ABBA in the car with him over the years. 

Change is good

After moving to Los Angeles in the fall of 2018, Morgan produced five beats a day for about six months then transitioned into making as many songs as she could, eventually releasing her first single in February of 2020. Her most recent single, “Something Beautiful,” was featured by The Line of Best Fit. She is influenced by Imogen Heap, Jon Bellion, and Jack Garratt, all individuals whose lyrical and musical talent she admires. With her career only at its beginning, she is so excited for all the hard work and good things to come.

Listen to the “Uninspired” here:

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