Move to the Beat of Mindreader by Kittrix

Kittrix is a Los Angeles based electronic music artist who recently released her EP album, Mindreader. Being a successful producer, DJ, and vocalist, Kittrix is popping onto the scene for her unique combination of house, techno, and edgy electro.

Kittrix recently played at EDC 2019 in the Pixel Forest, where she performed a breathtaking show that got the crowd moving. Using a more melodious and dark side to her style, Kittrix is bringing a unique vibe to the electro scene.

Her new EP album, Mindreader, includes three tracks that display her versatility as an artist and includes beats that help keep the crowd dancing. Kittrix truly provides a sound like no other.

With edgy beats and a sound that combines distorted vocals with creative melodies, Mindreader keeps the audience listening. Kittrix brings new vibes to the electronic scene and her catchy beats keep the audience moving for hours. Furthermore, Kittrix is a very raw artist who stays true to her style and artistic qualities.

In Kittrix’s young career, she has played at big-time events like The Yellow in Rome and EDC Las Vegas for the previous two years. Kittrix’s fun style and moody melodies are sure to make her a top artist in the industry.

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