Naizon Drops New Single "My House"

Naizon is back with a brand-new hit called “My House”. Taking overall inspiration from the Chicago House original–“My House” by Rhythm Control. For example, there a choppy, industrial feel to the music, Naizon pays homage to Chuck Robert’s iconic mesmerising speech:

“In the beginning, there was Jack…”

These words stand strong over the beat. As a result, they draw you into the music.

With a history entrenched in dance music, Naizon has perfected his craft and is capable of evoking feeling, energy and passion into each and every release. After having moved from the EDM scene, Naizon has released some incredible Tech tunes including “Dance It” and “Golden Cage”. Having taken his sound all over the world in over 300 gigs spanning Thailand, Australia, Switzerland and Italy it is clear that Naizon is just getting started.

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