Natixx drops ‘Harmony’ on League Of Lyons

German DJ and Producer duo Natixx are back with their latest single ‘Harmony’ which can only be described as a serious club track. Blurring the lines between Future House and Trance, ‘Harmony’ is powerfully melodic and its big synth elements provide nothing but pure euphoric vibes.

This track is exquisitely produced with great detail in both the drop and break and has the capability to transcend you into a state of abundance. ‘Harmony’ becomes more interesting with each listen as Florian Griese and Matthias Scholz have made sure that as soon as you press play you are met with a surge of energy and complex instrumentation.

With previous releases on Maddox, Spur Records and a whole heap of successful bootlegs, it’s clear that this duo are a match made in heaven. ‘Harmony’ and its evident potential has already gained the support from Dance Charts DE and DJs from all over the industry. Don’t sleep on this track it’s going to be huge!

‘Harmony’ is out now on the Lyonbrotherz label League of Lyons.

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