Naux Faux: Bassnectar and Sayr Release Collaboration EP ‘Enchanted’

Longtime friends and collaborators Bassnectar and Sayr have come together under the alias Naux Faux (pronounced no-foe) to release their debut EP, Enchanted. The seven-track EP is a collage of downtempo, ethereal beats mixed with the glistening beauty of a distant star. Purchase/stream the album today on all platforms here or listen below!

Naux Faux is a side project with longtime collaborator Sayr which celebrates the magical nostalgia of an era from the past: like a warm beam of sunlight on a lazy afternoon, close your eyes and feel the sound wash over you. File under: freestyle melodic electronica from the 1990’s. 🙂 – Lorin Ashton

Track List

1. Birds Of Paradox [Intro]
2. Flip Gnosis
3. Enchanted
4. Coast To Coasters
5. Cherish Friendship
6. Psyopia
7. Birds Of Paradox [Outro]

About the Artists

Bassnectar will be headlining Okeechobee this weekend with a rare no-stage/no-lights performance under a full moon. He also will DJ on the main stage with his full-on light production. Following Okeechobee and Buku Festival, Bassnectar will make his way to the windy city of Chicago, Illinois, and here is where Naux Faux is expected to fully flourish. Fans can only anticipate the euphoria that will occur.

Sayr is a quiet producer in his own right, but he’s been in the game longer than most popular DJs today. His collaborations with Bassnectar can be traced back over 15 years, when in 2002 they released the old-school electronic breakbeat track, “Float“, a nostalgic soundscape of all the nineties electronic music scene embraced.

In regards to Sayr’s solo production, he just recently released the Sudden Stops EP, which he notes as, “A lush downtempo dreamscape of cinematic interludes to zone out to.” Indeed, it is the perfect prequel to Naux Faux’s debut EP, Enchanted.

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