“Need To Be Loved” Argy Rework Goes Hard with Techno

Fade away into the harder, tech influenced rework of the classic by Reflekt

The classic melodic techno hit by Reflekt gets a touch of hard techno sounds in the “Need To Be Loved” Argy Rework. A romping kick drum, searing hot synth lines with crispy distortion, and massive chord stab echoes amp up the intensity on the classic’s gentle vibes.

“Need To Be Loved” Argy Rework

Track review: “Need To Be Loved” Argy Rework

From Lyrics to sound design

The lyrics are sung with passion about the “need to feel loved”. The vocals are a soft female voice with a touch of noise and subtle distortion. Nothing extreme, just effectively making the vocal quality sound more rich.

That said, listeners will hear an audible similarity in the sound design of the other instrumentals. As such, they all have some rich airy texture that really makes them surge with loudness. The outcome is a heavier hitting version of the original with a techy feel.

Communicating the feeling of love through music

The track’s main appeal is its message about the human need to feel love. Naturally, this overwhelming passion, infatuation, and primal need that we call love evokes some strong emotions. Therefore, the musical composition reflects instrumentals that exude this vibe of “love”.

While the original track sounds stir up the more gentle and affectionate feelings we associate with love, the “Need To Be Loved” Argy Rework reaches into the more intense agitation that comes when the need to feel loved is fueled with a rush of hormones. The hard kick, and fierce synth lines communicate this vibe most appropriately. No better artist than Argy to work in these high intensity, hard dance sounds signature of his style in to the mix.

Artists supporting the “Need To Be Loved” Argy Rework

Artists within the trance and techno scenes have reportedly expressed their appreciation for this epic production. Argy writes about them in a brief statement on his Soundcloud page:

Check out this Techno remix I made of the Trance classic “Reflekt – Need to feel loved”…its already gained a lot of huge dj support from the likes of Jordan Suckley, Mark Sherry, Eddie Halliwell, Alex Morph, Shugz, Giuseppe Ottaviani to name a few.


Among the posts in response to this track on Soundcloud are listeners expressing their likeness of the rework with phrases like “too dope” and “this is off the scale”. It is just plain great music, and even better that audiences are loving the music.

About Argy

DJ and producer, Argy

The DJ and producer, Argy, of the United Kingdom, is perhaps one of the most technically advanced artists out there when it comes to music production. His early, tech style takes on the familiar 8-bit sounds familiar to every 90s kid’s favorite toy space gun onto a futuristic hard house single “Sting Like a Bee”.

“Sting Like A Bee” by Argy


Other greats in his catalogue are underground subground style bangers such as the collaboration single “60%” with Diablik for its the mean percussion lines. Furthermore, some funky interpretations of the timeless techno sound in tracks like “The Funky Sound”. Truly futuristic sounds. Moreover, these are indicative of musical talent for matching unfamiliar sounds into musically appealing productions.

DJ skill

As for the DJ talents, there is always so much beat frenzied mashups to amaze audiences when Argy is at the decks. For example, those witnessing the Argy-set at QULT #6. He got a couple of beats into the “Harlem Shake” before it got chopped up, looped and mashed into a whole new club dancing mix. Even the MC was shocked with amazement as the synth loop got touched up Argy style exclaiming “What!?” as if it were the best unexpected thing in a live dj set–and it was. Catch him performing his DJ skills at his upcoming gigs on September 09, 2019 at Logic Festival and the High-Fidelity Warehouse rave.

Argy’s Weird & Wonderful mini-mix series

More mix mastery from Argy is coming up in his mini-mix series Argy’s Weird & Wonderful. Also, the artist’s budding techno style is growing with two soon to release tracks on Autektone Records. Keep an ear out for these tracks: “Side Saddle” and “We Were In The Dark” by Argy for some big techno beats. Lastly, stay tuned for some One EDM exclusive features of Argy soon. Interview and guest mix is on the way.

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