Needs No Sleep – “Get Dirty” Ft. Dirty Hary [Original] Out Now!

Melbourne-based DJ Needs No Sleep has released G-House track “Get Dirty” May 15th via Club Cartel Records. When you originally hear this track, the feeling of letting loose is an obvious impulse with the track. The deep bass, combined with provocative lyrics vocalized by Dirty Hary, entices a sort of rebellious club life. “Whatcha wanna do? She wanna get dirty.” Expect this track’s dance floor takeover at your favorite club, let your hair down and get absolutely wild.

The Track

Club dance floors are soon to become home to this track. Needs No Sleep cues bangin’ synth and bass notes as the alluring vocals of Dirty Hary ring in to begin this party masterpiece, “jump.” As the deep bass notes guide the track along to the build, more and more energy is felt in the track. When the drop hits, club goers go wild with Need No Sleep’s insanely seamless and effective application of all elements he uses. Summer is officially upon us and “Get Dirty” will soon be a staple for club types anywhere from lavish of terrace parties to the edgiest of dive clubs.

Needs No Sleep

Needs No Sleep, aka Mitch Thomas, has previously had a more progressive house style under a prior alias and is now dropping hard-hitters with a brand-new style under his new DJ name. Though his previous style gained the support of many major artists including Pete Tong, Martin Garrix and Afrojack, Need No Sleeps new “large and loud” style seems to be a cornerstone of his music career. Needs No Sleep is “up all night” with the singles he has released in the span of eight months. “Get Dirty,” his most recent single, solidifies this new “large and loud” style Needs No Sleep aims for and of which party people everywhere are sure to love. Needs No Sleep will carry dancers around the world into the night this summer.

Photo Credit: Needs No Sleep

Love From Fans

“Club tings!” – OJ Music

“Needs No Sleep knows how to make it dirty 🔥😎” – Chimaera Music

“That bass OMGGGG!!!!!” – Alexarion

“Nice sound…..big like” – Bristyle Production

“Love G-House so much” – J.J Therone

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