Neovaii Releases His Latest Album “Dawn”

Johnny Atar has been a tremendous presence in electronic music as one-third of Klaypex and one-half of Veorra. As the indie-electronic solo artist Neovaii, he has been releasing albums since 2016, with his newest addition being Dawn. Neovaii has released this fascinating album today on August 14, 2020.

Listeners of Atar and his earlier works with Klaypex and Veorra can hear his branded sound in this latest album. Starting strong, “Act Like That” sets the tone for the beginning of Dawn with commanding vocals against flirtatious beats. “Ride” takes listeners through a journey of a jaunty and gripping love, ending with a light twinkle. The album winds down with quiet and haunting songs like “For You” and “Bulletproof” epitomizing the hurt of heartbreak. “Nothing to Lose” picks back up with ferocity before smoothly shifting to the alluring and heavy “Already Gone.”

Dawn is an album that finds its sound through the ups and downs of love. The album creates an intimate feel for listeners as each song dictates a story through the lyrics and robust drops. Neovaii showcases his iconic use of vocal chops but connected melodies that draw the album together.

Dawn marks the beginning of an exciting era for Neovaii. With the release of Dawn, Neovaii enters the studio with promises of a new album once every three months.

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Jillian Nguyen

Jillian Nguyen is a UNC-Chapel Hill graduate and a self-proclaimed EDM aficionado. She loves to chase DJs to music festivals where she also shows off her shuffling. Her favorite genres are deep house and bass house, with her favorite DJs being Moksi, Malaa, Valentino Khan and Skrillex.

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