NERO Release Two New Tracks

The Grammy Award winning electronic trio NERO lives in a dimension of the digital phenomenon. A realm where reality and imagination are one, where the past, present, and future meet. U.K. producers Daniel Stephens, Joe Ray, and singer/songwriter Alana Watson never fail at embodying the driving and high-powered visionary of NERO. NERO recently released two new tracks via Soundcloud called “Bladerunner 2049 (demo)” and “Innocence (reopened)”. Posted under 2808, (the UK year and to which their debut LP, Welcome Reality, was set) these two tracks muster up the neon innovative spirit of electronic wonderment.

A wide eyed movie needs a wide eyed sound and the demo to Bladerunner 2049 is that sound, which is perfect for the movie. Bladerunner 2049 is set to place in California in the year 2049, and this track is living in it. This unknown era of planet earth and the futuristic human race needs to not only be visualized correctly but composed correctly. NERO does just that with their “Bladerunner 2049 (demo)”. A dooms day beginning that spreads over the barren wasteland of tomorrow. Towering pitfalls and horned authority lead this spotless 1:33.

On the second track, NERO renews one of their first triumphs, the single “Innocence”. This time around “Innocence (Reopened)” keeps the spirit alive by taking us back into the past while putting a new interpretation on it. As we all should do when looking in the past. To learn from it and understand it to cause healthy change and growth. This is what NERO aimed at with “Innocence (reopened)”. Keeping the very essence of the original out of respect and understanding to then evolve it to a new version of itself is needless to say, cutting edge. “Innocence (reopened)” leads more of a tech-house sound that compels the pole dancer in you to break loose sort of thing. A vibrant and healthy stir up for the forthcoming, NERO is owning their brightening career with this release and blossoming their family with a baby. So take a listen to Bladerunner 2049 (demo) and Innocence (reopened) and get into the world of NERO.

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