New EDM Finds: Broderskab ‘Electron’

Broderskab gamble on retro new wave and successfully deliver a tasteful EP : Electron. To follow up on their critically acclaimed EPs Foundation and Riviera, Broderskab – always a step ahead – doubled down on this third EP with a single musical guideline: synthwave.

Producers of the French collective were no longer required to think outside the box, like for previous biannual EPs, but within a specific genre. On top of that, they had to tackle synthwave which is a beloved genre of its own. There is no doubt Electron was a creative challenge for all Broders involved: Madara, Pepperjuice, RNZLA, Fenrys, and Driver405… But what a remarkable result!

Fresh, original, diverse and futuristic yet truthful to the retro new wave sound. Each artist admirably pulls it off : Driver405 infuses his spark of gritty adrenaline; Pepperjuice incorporate their soulful touch; Madara mixes in his signature bass line; RNZLA overlays his enchanting atmosphere, and Fenrys injects his neon groove. Take your pick, there is a track for everyone. Broderskab has yet again proven their versatility and innovative state of mind, even when it comes to bringing back synthwave into the «now». The real questions are: what will they come up with next? Hint: don’t overthink it, just expect the unexpected. Until then make sure to follow them online and/or pay them a visit at l’EP7 in Paris where they have a monthly residency.

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