New EDM Finds – Ez Quew ‘Paper Thin’ (Phillip Maizza Remix)

”Ez Quew is a young Swedish talent with a passion for music. Bringing together the best of both RnB and EDM, his tireless work in the studio has resulted in some seriously impressive original productions.

The reception for his latest release “Hope Not” has been huge with thousands of plays online in less than a week. Gaining the support of world-renowned ‘Spinnin Records’ after topping their online charts on multiple occasions, it’s safe to say that the journey has only just begun for Ez Quew.

With the blend of emotional melodies, different genres and sweet vocals he is on the way to create his own genre in dance music. In May, the 20-year-old producer got compared to major artists such as David Guetta and Brooks by several magazines and observed for his unique sound.

His upcoming single ‘Freedom’ has already been supported by artists such as Retrovision and Calvo, who described it as ‘pretty wicked’. With over a quarter of a million streams in less than a year, he completely took the EDM scene by storm”.

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