New EDM Finds – Masri ‘Let’s Go’

George Girgis, also known as Mari is an Egyptian American electronic music producer based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Formerly studying Human Biology, George didn’t chase his passion for music until halfway through his college career.

Attending NC State University, he switched his major to Art Studies and graduated in 2018 with a Music Concentration. George showed considerable interest in electronic music and computers at a very early age. Buying his first MP3 player at 9 years old, he started collecting music from all sorts of genres including Techno, Trance, House, Reggaeton, and Arabic music.

When he turned 20, George started getting musical ideas that he wanted to bring to reality. Having no former background or knowledge in music theory or instruments, he started making music on Fruity Loops using mere ear skills. After confronting his parents about chasing his passion, they were very supportive.

George signed up for Ableton Live Music Production courses at the Recording Radio and Film Connection based in LA and started taking piano lessons thanks to his father’s financial support. Growing his skills over 2 years, George was able to get his first releases on Beatport and Spotify working with labels such as Daxsens’s CHECK THIS! And Digital Empire Records.

Growing his fan base, George was able to get over 150,000 collective plays on Soundcloud and over 1000 followers. He was also able to play at various venues in Raleigh including Lincoln Theater’s Pulse concert. Slowly but surely, George is driving towards achieving his dream of touring the world as a DJ and Music Producer.

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