New Release: Rad Cat – Without U

We interrupt your normal music review for an important change of scenery. Imagine, if you will, if you would, a tune and an artist that transcend genre-smashing into a sound and style so unique that words simply don’t quite tell the tale. Here’s how this goes with Rad Cat and his unique new track ‘Without u’.


“Without U” stands at the intersection of broken beat and jazzy glitch house. Kicking off with a sweet and unexpected jazz change, the track seems at first just to be a house variant..that is, until the interstellar effects and the pixie-sample-on-helium kick in. After a broken-beat changeover, it recycles back into the glitch house vibe. There are more double-backs and moments of reinvention in this track than are in most albums, and the wondrous thing is that it’s completely original.


Call it acid chill-out, call it a seductive soundtrack for cyborgs on the make, call it what you want. This is truly an example of music where content transcends form, without the usual pretentiousness that accompanies such experiments. All I can say is give it a try: it’s not for everyone, but then, works of genius rarely are.

Playful, bizarre, ‘glitchy’, and more than just a little bit weird. This glorious track and artist have the code to become game-changers, especially in remix mode for the former and in album form for the latter. One of my absolute favorites of the year to date.

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