Exit Reality with Unreal Sounds from the Nexo Hallucination EP

Strictly, dark, hard techno

Delve into the disordered state influenced from the menacing musical beats of techno inspired by hallucinations. Go on, listen to the Nexo Hallucination EP. This two track album over delivers on heavy, sick techno soundscapes to obliterate the senses.

Album Review: Hallucination EP

Initiate the dissociative state with Nexo’s “Powerful Hallucination” and confuse the boundaries of knowing what is and what is not: music is one’s only understanding of this sonic reality. Was it real or was it music? Lose yourself, lose your mind to the music. Reality check: it is a techno track that is completely intense in every musical way.

Now, concentrate to the beat past the point of understanding rhythm in time and let the sound disorder your reality with “Concentration Disorder”. Why focus on the music when you can focus on the unreal escape of reality only music inspires? Reality check number two: it was a rhetorical question.

Enjoy this escape to the unreality inspired by the dark techno beats by Nexo in the Hallucination EP out now on the Hardwandler Records label. Believe it or not, it is real.

About Nexo

Who, Nexo? Wait, what is this? Who are we talking of in this hallucination? Nexo. Yes, that is who, Nexo, the mastermind of mind altering music from dark techno beats is in fact a real producer and DJ. Furthermore, believe in the reality in recognition of the Hallucination EP that dark techno is really, really, real. Nexo means music.

DJ and producer, Nexo

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