NGHTMRE and Big Gigantic Collide for “Like That”

NGHTMRE & Big Gigantic Collide

LA Producer NGHTMRE and genre-bending duo Big Gigantic unveil their new EP “Like That” this week on Diplo’s Mad Decent label. “Like That” is a perfect fusion of jazzy electronica mixed with mind thrashing bass. It’s a sensational collaboration between two very genre unique dj groups. Check it out below!

Most notably, you can hear NGHTMRE’s signature style of trap as the bass drops into the chorus. As well as the vintage jazz melody and unique vocals signature to Big Gigantic. “Like That” does a fantastic job of fusing Big Gigantic’s live instrumentalism with NGHTMRE’S thunderous bass. When asked, NGHTMRE so positive things to say about Big Gigantic, whose work he’s admired for years.

Some of my first festivals I ever attended I saw Big Gigantic perform and  immediately fell in love with vibe. After meeting the guys on the road and getting along so well, it was an honor to work together on some music. They are both so talented and I really feel like this song represents us both well.

About the Artists

The song is just another staple for both groups who are having an extremely successful 2018. NGHTMRE just launched his own record label with DJ duo Slander called Gud Vibrations. His earth-shattering bass has earned him a spot as one of the leading bass producers in the EDM scene. Big Gigantic on the other hand has been around longer, forming in 2008.The duo is quite diverse with their genres. Their portfolio, a collection of mixed tracks spanning from electronic to hip-hop to electro soul. They have quickly become one of the most sought after live performances in EDM music. They are currently on tour, finishing out 2018 with some acts in Denver, LA, and Philadelphia.

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