Go VIP with NGHTMRE’s new remix of “Save Yourself”

Earlier in the year, NGHTMRE and The Chainsmokers released their highly anticipated “Save Yourself” on the Chainsmokers EP Sick BoySince it officially dropped in August, the song has gained millions of Youtube views. However, it doesn’t stop there. NGHTMRE has released his own personal remix to the song, channeling a more dancefloor friendly vibe.

For those of you familiar with NGHTMRE, he started his rise with trap and house music and through the progression of his career has carved out his own ‘sound’ within the EDM world. In his new VIP mix album, his remix of ‘Save Yourself’ takes the listener on a true ride of sound.

About the song

He brings the listener in with a mixture of soft instrumentals to introduce the first melody of the song. From there, in true NGHTMRE form, he begins to build into his first drop. Channeling his characteristic ominous bass sound, he continues to bring the listener into an uptempo dance floor beat that will put a bassface on anyone listening. From there, he’s continues to integrate the Chainsmokers singature melodies while coupling it with his own personal tones. Finally, he brings the reader to a gentle close finshing the song with the same instrumentals that opened the song.

This new “Save Yourself” VIP remix is a great twist on the original, more heavy version that came out earlier this year. If you enjoy a great melody with the opportunity to get down a little, but still love the opportunity to get some headbanging in there too, make sure you check out this amazing new remix by NGHTMRE. You won’t regret it!

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