Night Gestalt Announces Sophomore Album, ‘New Glasir,’ and Releases “A New Social Contract”

Night Gestalt, the moniker for the keenly experimental and ambient IDM music from Olof Cornéer, returns today, March 15 with new single, “A Social Contract.” Marking the lead track from Night Gestalt’s sophomore album, New Glasir, “A New Social Contact” takes on a life of its own through arpeggios and vivid sonic textures. Click here to watch the video that accompanies the single.

“Night Gestalt was born a few years ago when I felt the urge to get back to the electronic music I loved as a kid in the ‘90s,” says Cornéer. “It’s a bit ambient, but it’s also more song based. It’s experimental and electronic, but it’s also a bit post-classical. I started making arpeggios and realized I loved them so much I created the whole first Night Gestalt album around arpeggios. This new one is also based on arpeggios, but it’s not as obvious. To me an arpeggio has everything that music needs to be interesting: rhythm, melody, harmony and structure.”

On Friday, May 10, Night Gestalt will release New Glasir, the second installment in a trilogy of albums via Slow Future Vault. Mastered by Taylor Deupree at 12k Mastering, the 10-track album highlights Cornéer’s experimental ambitions within the electronic music landscape. The storyline that threads Night Gestalt’s albums is a story that was started at the end.

The debut album, ONE (2015), was about the spaceship “ONE,” that had left a newly destroyed earth to save mankind. But something goes wrong and the last remnants of humanity is destined to travel into nothing forever until the last person dies of natural causes. The forthcoming New Glasir takes place on earth prior, just after a mysterious apocalypse has happened. The people that have survived are living in rough conditions, but they are alive and they build a new society called “New Glasir” and succeed in creating a temporary Eden, all while knowing they have to leave at one point. The name comes from Norse mythology. Recently Cornéer also released an album of piano compositions on the revered Kning Disk label.

Contrasting Night Gestalt’s ONE and New Glasir albums, Cornéer says: “Musically the first album was black and white. It was the empty void of the universe. New Glasiris more melancholic. The first was only electronic bleeps and voices; very dark and spacious. New Glasir is piano and bleeps and is overall is more analog. The visuals go with the melancholy too. Golden hour sunset through VHS-nostalgia, instead of black and white.”

Simultaneously, Night Gestalt has released another one-of-a-kind piece from the Vault Series. To those unfamiliar with the series, a track is put to vinyl then buried in an undisclosed location (could be on any continent) and then all digital stems, mixes and the master are destroyed permanently. There ends up being only one true piece of the music in existence—the buried vinyl record—at which point the GPS coordinates are released.

Each single release from New Glasir will be accompanied by a tandem release from the Vault Series.

To access the GPS coordinates for this Vault Series piece, visit:

Meanwhile, Cornéer recently composed music for the film Koko-di Koko-da which was accepted into this year’s Sundance Film Festival.

New Glasir track listing:

“A New Social Contract”
“Can You Feel It”
“Dark Summer”
“Infernal Machines”
“The First Days After”
“The Many Names Of Light”
“And The Bells Sang Together”
“The Longest Night”
“The Last Days Of New Glasir”

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