REZZ releases 32-minute audio/visual ‘Nightmare on Rezz Street’ mix

‘Nightmare on Rezz Street’

Beloved “Rezzy Krueger” (which she recently changed her name on twitter to) aka REZZ has released Nightmare on Rezz Street, a 32-minute audio/visual experience that takes fans through Halloween-themed visuals accompanied by all original unreleased REZZ music. Download the video mix here or watch below.

REZZ states the following in the Youtube description of her mix:

‘Nightmare on Rezz Street’ is a project I took on to create a 32-minute mix of original, unreleased music that fans never would have access to otherwise. The video component is very important to this project. Some music is very old, some is newer. Either way I want my fans to hear it because I always wonder what my favourite artists never released. Video directed and curated by Cam MacNeill @VisualsCam


For fans seeking the tracklist of this mixtape, we wish you good luck…

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