Nitti Gritti Releases New EP “C’est La Vie”

C’est La Vie – “This is just the way life is.”

C’est La Vie, the perfect title for an absolutely phenomenal EP created by the one and only Nitti Gritti. An artist with an acclimation to the electronic and trap throne has taken on a new challenge and in my opinion, knocked it out of the park. Since meeting with this enthusiastic artist at EDCO 2017, we have eagerly awaited a new release that would sweep us off our feet, and boy did he deliver!

Nitti Gritti EP C'est La Vie
Nitti Gritti EP C’est La Vie

Nitti Gritti released Blame On Me and No Calls the first two singles off his C’est La Vie EP, and within two weeks has reached 25k views, received 1,676 likes and has been shared over 323 times. Adding on two more tracks for the final project was a bonus for all listeners regardless the type of beat you are used too.


Not only has this artist made a name for himself through his mashups and sets on acclaimed stages, but this Miami newcomer has now single-handedly released this EP put through his own production process by using his own vocals and songwriting techniques. Having gained initial success with such remixes of San Halo’sLights” and Kanye’sAll of the Lights”, this short year has further increased Nitti Gritti’s popularity with his original productions such as “Dirty Dancing” and “Gud Vibrations”. Many of his remixes and originals are now played during powerhouses’ sets such as Diplo, Tiesto, as well as NGHTMRE.

Blame On Me

The first track to this EP is showing the real artist behind the music, breaking out with his own vocals and rhythms that you just cannot help but sway too. Nitti Gritti‘s  voice though synthesized gives this track the perfect and relatable feel with the track chorus “she gone have some fun been at work all week, you can ditch your clan just to come see me, when the crowd is moving put the blame on me“. This will definitely be the track to play on the way to either see the artist or for a night out. Get ready to hear this everywhere you go as it surely will be a top hit.

No Calls

The second track that was released on this EP “No Calls” has to be one that will absolutely be replayed and mashed up on some major upcoming sets of acclaimed DJ’s all around the world. If you are looking for a hard hitting drop that pulses through your veins with a rap additive, this is the song for you. Sitting here actually listening to the track while typing it is extremely hard for me to not stop what I am doing, bobbing and dancing ready to go out for the night.


If anyone is looking for a more trap house feel look no further as Nitti has created a masterpiece. With a clean drop and lyrics like “I don’t really smoke but shit got me so high, take it real slow get me out of my mind, nobody has to know where we in the night time, I don’t really smoke but I’m… it’s 11:25 when I come alive” has to be the perfect lyrics for a prep setting whether you are ready to go or not. This will be the perfect relaxer for a night of chilling and good vibes with friends.

C’est La Vie

Expect the absolute unexpected with this vibing DJ and this entrancing track. A completely different feel from the rest of his sounds, this track will be able to be transformed with many complimenting sounds. The lyrics for this song are relatable for how we are all looking for new and better things within ourselves as well as music. Just a clip of the lyricsI hope they realize how fucking hard I try and I can not explain it any other way. If you complaining get away from me I can count the blessing that God gave to me, I just throw my hands up C’est La Vie.” Whether a day drive a night out or even a good time chilling on a couch with good friends, this song is a calling for nothing but good and chill vibes. Enjoy it

Wrapping up the review, this EP is one to keep playing throughout the day. The artist that has started out as a Miami boy playing small scale has made it to the big stages playing his entrancing sounds but has not stopped there. His sounds are transforming and breaking out into a whole new realm of what we are used too, as well as not so absolutely give it a chance. Absolutely looking forward to hearing more from this artist as we are going into 2018.


Exclusive Interview with Nitti Gritti at EDC Orlando

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