NoMBe – “Wait” (Kill Them With Colour Remix)

NoMBe just dropped a remix EP of his latest single “Wait”. My favorite of the bunch is definitely the Kill Them With Colour remix! This remix is an electronic soul track to its finest, with crisp high hats, snaps that hit, and a synth bass that brings it all together. NoMBe vocals are super chill on this track as they come right up to your face but also become distant in the beat throughout the entire track. The drums sound so great, they remind me of some 80’s drums but they are mixed in today’s standards. The way the high hats play with the snare keep the track moving in a pop fashion. The little break of hand claps makes the chorus come in ten times harder than other parts of the track.

Lyrically, the song is about love. NoMBe sings “let’s make it last forever, the nights still young”.  The song is about living in the moment, holding onto to right now and not waiting for it to happen again. “I won’t wait this time, not this time”. This remix packs the same emotion as the original, and NoMBe vocals are full of that same emotion you feel in the original and the remix. This new track toys around with the original and brings it up to a little speed. Give a listen!




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