NVDES Releases ‘NVDITY Worldwide’ Album

'NVIDITY Worldwide' has 12 songs and some of them have featured on Apple advertisements

Josh Ocean, better known as NVDES, released his second album NVDITY Worldwide for all the world to embrace.

The 12-song album features collaborations with artists like Whethan, BLVTH, Tommy Cash, filous, and klei.

NVDITY Worldwide carries eclectic beats from the start with “PURUSHA” to deep and heavy stompers like “NVDITY Worldwide,” the track sharing the album’s namesake. Earlier this year, Apple featured “PURUSHA” on its official iPhone SE launch. Previously, Apple featured NVDES’ song “Brazooka” in its iPhone 11 advertisement. Even now, “NVDITY Worldwide” is currently the track for one of Apple’s global campaigns.

“24/7” erupts with purely electric sounds layered with heavily modified vocals that complement the song’s nature. “Lightning Flow,” the song with BLVTH, proves to be a massive banger as it taps into dirty beats.

The album takes a turn with “Green,” the track that NVDES cites is most personal to him. “Green” embraces a piano melody with vocals from Nilo, the 10-year-old son of NVDES’s close friend. Originally released in August, NVDES donated all of the song’s earnings to Oceana. Additionally, the song’s video reveals the need for a call to action.

From the chill “Love in Any Language” to the drum and bass infused “Juicy” with Whethan to the dreamy “You Make Me Feel Different,” each track manages to touch on different genres and atmospheres.

ZVK makes an appearance on “Higher Self” and “Go Time/Spiritual Hottie,” both proving to be rolling with high energy beats.

NVDES’s friend and co-writer Se Hee Wee’s vocals are at the forefront of “Born 222 Love,” which features a combination of a soft piano that quickly climaxes into a trap drop before graduating into classic drum cymbals.

Lastly, “Thank You for the Experience” ends the album on a softer tone and highlights NVDES’s travels across genres.

NVDITY Worldwide

NVDES’s comments on the Album

NVDES cites his inspiration for the album during a night out in Berlin.

“I’d been out all night and had a sudden inspiration to create something where I’d collaborate with artists from around the world. The idea was that each collaboration would be a different antenna point, and together they’d raise the vibrational frequency of the planet. The whole essence of NVDES has always been about me channeling energy, but now I feel like I’ve figured out how to really focus that and positively affect people.” 

NVDES about NVDITY Worldwide

Additionally, NVDES describes the impact of the track “Green.”

“I was in Amsterdam last year playing a show, and my friend gave me this freestyle rap his son had done. I was totally blown away by it – it’s this young kid talking about his connection to the color green and how much he loves the planet, and so I asked Nilo if he’d let me produce it. I’m so excited to share it on the album, because how often do we get to hear kids expressing themselves through music like that?”

NVDES on “Green,” the track from NVDITY Worldwide most personal to him.
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