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OMNI is a 19-year-old producer based out of the New Jersey/New York City area. Don’t let his age be any indicator of his output so far; his soundcloud profile has an impressive depth of off-the-wall remixes and original tunes, going back a number of years. “Ripstyle” is his latest, and was just released on Kandy’s Cavity Collective. Since only last year, Kandy’s Cavity Collective has been showcasing new mixes and releases by young, up-and-coming producers (this is the 5th official release). Most recently, before this week’s single by OMNI, the collective shared a collaboration by Kandy and Milkshake called “Type 1.” Although “Ripstyle” is one of the few Cavity Collective releases that isn’t named after candy, teeth, or dental hygiene, its energy is on par with the collective’s output so far.

Stylistically, the new track from OMNI draws the most elements from post-2010 dubstep, which remains a staple sound at sunny EDM festivals in the United States. Although the energetic introduction in the opening seconds could point toward a number of different genres, things become very familiar when the dub kick and thick, steady snare become the percussive backbone in a groove that Skrillex would approve of. In true dubstep fashion, the focus very quickly becomes the manipulation of the bass frequencies, and OMNI is no novice at controlling this spectrum of sound. We don’t have a guest singer or a soaring chorus in this release, but there are more than enough other elements to maintain your attention. “Ripstyle” very quickly becomes a showcase for OMNI as a master of bass, stretching and molding a colorful synth/bass/noise solo section before chords appear around the half-way point. A glimmering synth melody makes a brief appearance, before being devoured by the lower frequencies, which return in full force for the final section of the song. The bass really does sound like it is being playfully ripped apart here. It’s a simple structure that wastes no time. It’s effect, in the hands of an experienced EDM producer, “Ripstyle” leaves you wanting a little more; making it a prime candidate for repeated listens.

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Evan Dice

Evan is a lifelong musician, growing up in classical and world music, then rock, pop, jazz, hip-hop, a little bit of metal, and eventually, electronic music. After growing up abroad and travelling extensively, he returned to the United States for school and now lives in New York City. Evan is an active collaborator as a violinist and a producer, and is a fan of genre-blending (within reason). He can be found at home investigating the intersection between jazz and techno with a table full of samplers and synthesizers, or out in the city, reading on the train or supporting live Arts- particularly the experimental kind. Be it dance, theater or music, great people with brilliant minds are coming up with fantastic creative things to show every day, and this is inspiring.

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