One EDM Exclusive Guest Mix by ROBPM


Techno fans, this one is for you: the One EDM exclusive guest mix by ROBPM. This Italian DJ and producer is treating us all to over one hour of techno tracks. Enjoy your listening experience below. Check out the One EDM interview with ROBPM to learn more about his career in electronic music. Check out the success story of his track “Seat Belt” here.

A review of the mix

This mix has lots of hard techno sounds with pounding kick drums. Others of the tracks have retro synth keys for that old-school house vibe. The tracks tend to get a bit darker as the mix progresses. The acid tunes near the end are full of attitude. Overall, the mix is a true techno set with an underground feel. Every bit of it is great. Now, turn up the volume and listen to the sounds from the ROBPM guest mix.

One EDM exclusive guest mix by ROBPM

Track list

HH:MM:SS, “Track Title” – Artist(s)

  • 00:00:00, “Megator”- T78
  • 00:07:00, “Back in the 80’s” [Dorian Parano REMIX]– Christian Glitch
  • 00:11:07, “Jam Master” [T78 & ROBPM REMIX] – The-Prophecy
  • 00:15:40, “Seat Belt” – ROBPM
  • 00:20:45, “Latitude” [ROBPM REMIX] – Drumsauw
  • 00:26:00, “Double Slap” – ROBPM
  • 00:31:40, “Manifesto” – Reinier Zonneveld
  • 00:37:40, “Pleasure” [ROBPM REMIX] Exclusive for One EDM – Gaga & Mateo!
  • 00:42:20, “Delirium Tremens” – Hoffman
  • 00:49:00, “Up In The Air” [T78 REMIX] – DJ Jordan
  • 00:53:10, “I’m Not Alone” [Thomas Schumacher REMIX] – Calvin Harris
  • 00:58:10, “Advance” – Drumsauw
  • 01:03:45, “Planet Noir” – Spektre
  • 01:09:20, “Amnesia Haze” – Candiloro & ROBPM

More techno

These tracks are all available on the top music platforms. Many of the tracks come directly from ROBPM’s home label Autektone Records, and its sub-label Autektone Dark. Check out their following on social media. Lot’s exciting happenings from the label’s owner, T78, as seen previously here on One EDM.

ROBPM: Italian DJ and Producer

For details on the releases from this label, see Beatport for the full catalog of releases. Have a read of our track review of ACID CLUBBERS on Autektone Dark and Argy & DMCK on Autketone Records. These guys know how to bring hard techno and #onlybombs.

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