One EDM Exclusive Guest Mix by DMCK

Techno sounds that go off-the-beaten-path


The One EDM exclusive guest mix by DMCK, features one hour of techno. As such, his track selections feature several of his own recent productions, and techno classics both old and new. Go on and have a listen to this mix from the playlist, below. Tip: check out the tracklist near the bottom to identify these tracks.

Furthermore, listeners can learn more about the musical talents of DMCK from the One EDM interview, and the track review of “Aigha Bas”, too.

One EDM Exclusive Guest Mix by DMCK

Mix review

This elegant techno mix has smooth transitions from track to the next. As a result, this track has a steady flow. Also, the high production quality of the tracks, which especially clean, makes it perfect for easy listening at home.

Starting out with some deep techno sounds in “Vision Of You” by DMCK, the gentle vocals and chords inspire relaxing vibes. As the mix progresses, the more beat-centric techno sets in with “Jc2204” by Wex 10. This transitional track keeps the chords going with a more beat-centric techno style.

The further into the mix the further away the sounds go off-the-beaten-path. As such, the underground sounds roll in with the futuristic sounds of Clouds in his unforgettable techno classic, “Chained To A Dead Camel”.

Among the variety of instrumentals in the mix are some vocal-centric tracks that get very intense. The contrast of vocals soloing in the track “Look What Your Love Has Done To Me” versus the instrumental tracks intensifies the experience as listeners wait in anticipation for the big techno beats to barge back into the mix.

Track list

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