Otto Blücker – “Lost & Found” Ft. Arizona Jones [Original] Out Now!

Brand-new heartfelt charmer “Lost & Found” by Otto Blücker has been released Friday, May 26th via VAYS Records. The melody of “Lost & Found” harmonizes with the magical vocals of London artist Arizona Jones. “We’re up then we’re down, don’t let me go now. It’s a long road my perfect come-down.” This new gem illustrates what it is to love that special person with sincere lyrics and some seriously uplifting beats and synths. You will find the sound of trumpets climbing with the build of the track, creating an ultimately cheerful summer vibe. This is a song that illustrates a personal history for Blücker.


A quote that Blücker lives by is “life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” – George Bernard Shaw.

“For me it means that you should not wait for someone else, or something to happen. You simply got to do it yourself. And that’s what I have done. I started my own label after getting a turn down from record labels one to many times. Most things in life you simply have to do yourself.” – Otto Blücker

Otto Blücker and “Lost & Found”

Since his start in the industry, Swedish artist Otto Blücker has been constantly creating new tracks and outlets for his music. Record label VAYS, is one facet that Blücker has created himself with much success; he is always growing. Blücker had composed “Lost & Found” nearly six years ago and it is one of his very first composure’s. He says that releasing this track opens a “new chapter” for him; it is a track that contains real memories spanning from moments in Buenos Aires six year ago. Blücker has waited for the right time to release “Lost & Found” and has finally found the perfect vocalist for his lyrics.

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Arizona Jones and His Vocals

Arizona Jones and Otto Blücker were introduced through a common friend. Multiple voices, including popular headliners, have tried their chords on “Lost & Found”. Arizona Jones fit the bill of sound seamlessly. His vocals tones feel soft and soulful, but with conviction. This soulful conviction acts as the last puzzle piece to Blücker’s newly released milestone track. Based out of London, Arizona Jones first EP was early in the year of 2016.

“Combining all the knowledge I acquired over the years and taking influence from Hip Hop, Pop, Indie and Rock – mixing and matching genres, I hope to have created my own new, unique and exciting sound.” – Arizona Jones


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