Otto Orlandi Unleashes Fever Featuring RAYNE & Karmello

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Introducing the new single ‘Fever, as Otto Orlandi Feat. RAYNE & Karmello deliver a sure-fire player – forthcoming on Sony Music / O Music Recordings.

Otto Orlandi is an artist that needs little introduction, as the Italian producer & DJ who’s been responsible for a multitude of club & radio hits in recent times, returns. Born & raised in Italy, Otto’s musical journey kick started with him securing a master in sound design & since then, has gone onto write & produce a number of standout singles – including ‘Don’t Miss You‘ which featured Melanie Fontana, a record that amassed a mighty 2.6 million streams on Spotify & also held a Top 10 (peaking at No7) position on iTunes Italy, for an impressive fifty fiveconsecutive days.

In addition to working as a ghost producer for many leading global recording artists, Otto Orlandi has also signed a deal with the revered Spinnin’ Records publishing house MusicAllStars, as well as clocking up releases on Be Yourself Music, Blanco Y Negro, Arcadia Records, Armada & his own O Music Recordings label.

Fever - Otto Orlando, RAYNE, & Karmello album art

Collaborating with Otto on ‘Fever‘ is Ron Geffen aka RAYNE, a multi-talented producer & artist hailing from New York. Starting out more rock genre focused, RAYNE‘s personal journey began with him playing guitar in a band called The All Ways – seeing him go onto perform on the hit TV show America’s Got Talent & in turn, making it all the way to the quarter finals & sharing the stage with acts such as Ed Sheeran, Cher Lloyd, Bridgit Mendler & Olly Murs. Today he mainly produces & writes pop music, as well as directing his own music videos & his collaboration with Otto Orlandi & Karmello on ‘Fever‘ is a testament to his production prowess.

The final part of the ‘Fever‘ winning trio is Kris Carmello aka Karmello, an American singer & songwriter that delivers a truly sublime vocal performance. Karmello established himself as co-founder & lead singer in the band Wild Planes, which he formed with the revered drummer, Andre Jevnik. Starting his musical career at a young age & in part, to break away from adverse childhood experiences, Kris has been performing & writing since his teenage years, right through to today.

Signed to the major label Sony Music, the collaboration of Otto Orlandi, RAYNE & Karmellohas resulted in a record that has all the hallmarks of a sure-fire player & future hit in the making, as they prepare to kick start global promotion for ‘Fever‘ & a multitude of dancefloor & radio airwave love in the weeks ahead.


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