The Best of Armin Only

Just hours away until the already worldwide, highly anticipated, “The Best of Armin Only” dance music event and we here at One EDM have decided to dissect all that is Armin Only. This past 5th & 6th of May, Armin held a sold out “Armin Only Embrace” sneak preview, open to all ages held at Brabanthallen theater. With both nights for the main event being completely SOLD OUT, it was decided to open a second night at the Amsterdam ArenA in The Netherlands; which is now officially sold out as well!

You can watch the live stream of this event at ARMINONLY.TV May 13th at 9pm CET!

Kicking off his set at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival, “My Symphony” was unleashed unto the world, exploding the minds of ravers and viewers alike. The carefully constructed piece opened with a number of classical instruments which then merged with Armin’s unique progressive electro-trance and heart-stopping drops, orchestrating, yet again, another masterpiece! Our question is this. . . Is the expression “My Symphony of You” meant for the fans? Or is it simply just to explain that he is at a loss for words and can only express himself through his music?

With ‘Arminites’ traveling far and wide from countries all over the world, the “World Citizen” will be celebrating his 20 years in music by playing to a sold out venue of 68,000 people at the Amsterdam ArenA; Armin will also be breaking a record by being the first DJ to perform solo at the Amsterdam ArenA. Can we please also add that tickets to his show SOLD OUT IN 10 MINUTES! 

Let’s talk about where this all began. The Grammy nominated DJ started his “Armin Only” concept back in 2005, named “The Next Level”. His main focal point was to connect with fans and give them back a part of EDM culture by playing longer sets, all the while, displaying his creative side.  Now only twelve years later, this year’s event will be bringing a few features to the stage, something a little out of the ordinary for an “Armin Only” tour. After listening to the selected songs on his new album, it is without question going to be a history-in-the-making event.

A compilation of some of his greatest hits like “This is what it feels like” and “Alone”, alongside a few of his revised and yet-to-be released tracks such as “Ping Pong (arena mix)”, Armin’s “The Best of Armin Only” album release is expected this coming Saturday May 13th.

After pre-ordering the album for myself, I decided to go down the line and try to YouTube the entire two-disc, 30 track album by name. If there was one way to describe “The Best of Armin Only” in one term, it would be: roller coaster! I am normally not one to focus my attention on one particular thing, but I was lost and truly content in doing so. If I was in a life or death situation and was forced to choose my top 3 songs on the album. . . I would say “Alone” , “Ping Pong”, and “Freefall”. I tend to drift towards songs with a message/deeper meaning, so “Alone” and “Freefall” were an obvious choice for me, but I chose “Ping Pong” because it’s just the type of song that you can’t NOT move to! I’m also extremely intrigued to hear the arena mix! I know everyone there is going to go POSTAL when that beat drops!!

If you haven’t yet, pre-order your “The Best of Armin Only” album now on armada or iTunes. . . it’s a sure-shot we all know, Armin is sure to give us all, only the best of him!

Pre-order ‘The Best Of Armin Only’
Listen to: Armin van Buuren – My Symphony (The Best Of Armin Only Anthem)
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