Paper Diamond Breaks Two Year Silence With New Single ‘Work 9000’

Paper Diamond
Paper Diamond today released ‘Work 9000’ as a taste of a forthcoming larger body of work. The new music marks the grand return of Alex Botwin, a pioneer of modern bass music. His recent relocation from Colorado to Los Angeles was in that same pathfinding spirit. Diving headfirst into the unknown in search of inspiration. In his words, “Music has always lead my life and driven me to make moves and change things up”.

Having built a cultish empire of fans around the globe through years of avant garde releases, persistent touring and a prominent artistic vision, the name Paper Diamond has become synonymous with experimental electronic music and a relentless search for creative freedom. In recent years, Alex has matched his love of music with a devoted study of art and 3D visual design. Creating an immersive, singular world; now he’s teaming up with renowned independent label Fool’s Gold to give these new releases an even bigger platform. “Work 9000” not only showcases Paper Diamond’s experience as a songwriter, producer, and sound designer, but also a truly ambidextrous artist. Eager to share his creations with the world regardless of the medium.

“Godly Bass-Funk” – Billboard

Paper Diamond on his return to releasing music:

“Making the new music has been a very immersive process. After playing shows on the road for a few years, I thought it would be important to get back to the root of where it began. Focusing on the music itself. Making it a daily practice to create something new. I believe that frequency can help breed creativity and doing something every single day will give you more opportunities to make something amazing. It also takes away the pressure of ALWAYS creating something amazing on the spot, so you can focus more on being yourself.

The new music is a good representation of me drowning out the outside world and making what comes naturally. I didn’t limit myself to one style, genre, bpm, or idea and focused more on musical spontaneity.  Naturally, by the time things are finished they have a cohesive Paper Diamond feeling to them, but they always start from unknown inspiration.”

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