Paul Kalkbrenner Releases ‘Parts of Life’

Parts of Life

Berlin’s own techno-master Paul Kalkbrenner returns with his eighth studio album and most telling work to date ‘Parts of Life.’

Following his ‘Back to the Future‘ mixtape series in which Kalkbrenner cataloged techno’s arrival in Berlin, ‘Parts of Life’ once again digs deep into Paul’s policy of not listening to the music of others. Kalkbrenner has a sound that is entirely his own, and it shines through on this album unlike any of his previous works.

None of the tracks are individually titled. They are all parts of the greater whole that is Kalkbrenner’s life. As with many people, the parts are also out of order.

Throughout the album, listeners are gifted both classic Kalkbrenner-techno as well as some more adventurous sounds not commonly heard from him.

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