Paul Kalkbrenner Releases “Speak Up” EP

His latest offering is out now

German Techno stalwart Paul Kalkbrenner is back with his highly anticipated “Speak Up” EP. This is a fresh release that will have fans of Techno and electronic music buzzing with excitement and satisfaction.

Paul Kalkbrenner’s “Speak Up” EP harkens back to his days in East Berlin as a child. Incidentally, this was where he developed his love for all things Techno. Consequently, the genre took hold in the city. Fast-forward several years later, and Paul is now one of Techno’s most prominent figureheads in Germany and the world.

Chock full of the sounds of old, Paul’s newest EP delves into skittery drums, distorted basslines, and even vocals, which Paul rarely does. Moreover, the titular, “Speak Up” is simply beautiful, employing a soft melody peppered with expressive percussion throughout.

Therefore, we implore you to have a listen to below!

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