Paul Oakenfold Drops Groundbreaking New Single ‘Love Escape’

Love Escape

After releasing his first graphic novel ‘The Wonderful World of Perfecto‘ last year, Paul Oakenfold returns to the EDM scene with a groundbreaking new single, ‘Love Escape’.

The English record producer and trance DJ created his first new single in 2018 by teaming up with Australian vocalist, Amba Shepherd. The established electronic music singer/songwriter is no stranger to the EDM world as you may have heard of her vocals in Hardwell’s ‘Apollo’ and Paul’s very own hit ‘U Are’. This time, she gifts the track with its spirited chorus & insightful verse.

Paul never forgets to spread his remix far and wide as well. Collaborating with Sydney’s JaySounds and Adelaide’s Dimatik, one boosting its bottom end signature while the other flips the polarity, taking it high up to the trance heavens. Both remixes are sure to serve this songs primetime needs.

While the two brings the remixes on a high, David Webster cast a moodier, more proggy silhouette through his mix. Through scudding drums and tight percussion lines, he engages its drive, while amping up its ether through tubular synths, cyber FX, and pad-based sweep.

Tune in to ‘Love Escape’ here or listen below:

1: Paul Oakenfold & Amba Shepherd – Love Escape (Extended Mix)
2: Paul Oakenfold & Amba Shepherd – Love Escape (Dimatik Remix)
3: Paul Oakenfold & Amba Shepherd – Love Escape (David Webster Remix)
4: Paul Oakenfold & Amba Shepherd – Love Escape (JaySounds Remix)

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