Paul Van Dyk’s Title Track from Upcoming ‘Guiding Light’

His ‘Guiding Light’ album will be released August 28th via Vandit Records

Paul Van Dyk has released the latest track from his upcoming album, ‘Guiding Light’. The title track of the album features Sue McLaren, and wonderfully ties her emotion-filled vocals with Paul Van Dyk’s hopeful and melodic sound.

‘Guiding Light’ will be the 10th studio album from legendary electronic musician Paul Van Dyk. In addition, the album was to be release in April. However, given the circumstances surrounding the entire music world in general, that schedule was altered. Consequently, PvD’s much-awaited album has been confirmed for a new late summer release. Accordingly, it will be available in stores and on streaming platforms August 28th.

“The circumstances in which we danced so far this year have been different, but crucially we never stopped dancing. Similarly, Guiding Light’s message was always about showing us a way through. I don’t believe there’ll ever be a greater need for that than now. Furthermore, the album’s singles have shown their power to spiritually uplift – as much off the floors as on. Similarly, It’s time to let the rest of the music do the same.”

Paul van Dyk

One of the 14 tracks included in the album (track list shown below) is ‘Guiding Light’. Meanwhile, its beautiful, uplifting tone is refreshing and allows listeners to escape and enter a better state of mind. In addition, with everything going on in the world right now, we could all use a little bit of that. Guiding Light is available to pre-order now at the link here.

Guiding Light’s Track Listing

  1. Deep Within – Paul Van Dyk & Vincent Corver
  2. Guiding Light – Paul Van Dyk & Sue McLaren
  3. You Found Me – Paul Van Dyk & Saad Ayub
  4. Exhale – Paul Van Dyk & Shedona
  5. Awakening – Paul Van Dyk & Will Atkinson
  6. Remedy – Paul Van Dyk & Danny Eaton
  7. Parallel Dimension – Paul Van Dyk & Elated
  8. First Contact – Paul Van Dyk & Kinetica
  9. Duality – Paul Van Dyk
  10. Resource – Paul Van Dyk & Eugenio Tokarev
  11. Impact – Paul Van Dyk, Steve Dekay & VISION X
  12. Covered In Gold – (PvD Club Mix)Paul Van Dyk & Bo Bruce
  13. Galaxy (PvD Club Mix) – Paul Van Dyk & Vini Vici
  14. Velvet Sky – Paul Van Dyk & Chris Bekker

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