Paul van Dyk Teams Up with Kinetica for New Single: ‘First Contact’

Today marks the release of Paul van Dyk’s third single from his highly anticipated tenth studio album, ‘Guiding Light.’ This time he has teamed up with Kinetica (Dee Henry), an emerging trance artist out of Ireland for ‘First Contact.’ Since Kinetica’s arrival to the trance scene (in 2015 with his remix of Tiesto and Benno de Goeiji’s ‘Endless Wave’), he has continually caught the attention of many big names in the trance community. After hearing his 2019 demo ‘Whispers,’ Paul van Dyk saw no alternative but to sign him to VANDIT’s Next Generation imprint. 

Following the release of ‘Duality’ in February, ‘First Contact’ further advances the depth of sound and skill that Paul van Dyk displays on ‘Guiding Light.’ The track’s surging melodies and elevated peaks are comparable to that of a spiritual experience, bringing about an abundance of positive feeling.

Paul van Dyk has also recently stepped into the world of virtual performance. Earlier this month he held a five-hour live-stream show alongside fellow Berliner Chris Bekker, their first set in a projected new series titled PC Music Nights. Drawing an audience of more than 30,000 viewers from around the globe, the two streamed from Berlin’s (at this time crowdless) venue, Anomalie Art Garden to Facebook’s live platform. van Dyk will be hosting PC Music Night again this Sunday at 7pm CET on his Facebook page.

“The idea was to unite people from all over the world, bring them together virtually, find strength in numbers and escape reality through music” – says Paul van Dyk of PC Music Night

First Contact’ is available now through all music streaming platforms.

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