Pegboard Nerds have released a new collaboration with Chicago rapper and Chance The Rapper’s brother, Taylor Bennett, and Indianapolis rapper/producer Skylr on Lowly Label. As the group themselves have said, “Sometimes you have to just say f*ck a genre and switch it up!”

Straying away from the original “Speed of Light” that kicked off their Nerds by Nature EP, the Danish-Norwegian duo have gone left field with this track, mixing in hip-hop flows over California sunset guitar rifts. Bennett’s feel-good lyrics bounce over the acoustic melodies while playing back and forth with the same crescendoing Skylr vocal sample found in the original track. It’s a step away from the ethereal start of their EP, but still consistent to a downtempo vibe capable of bringing back summer nostalgia.

Mixed reviews were found on social media. One fan said, “I have waited eight months for this to release, worth the wait!” Other fans didn’t acclimate too favorably to the new sound, one saying, “I know why this isn’t released to Monstercat; because it’s not electronic!”

Source: Pegboard Nerds Facebook

Coincidently enough the Pegboard Nerds already predicted this reaction and included a response in the lyrics of the song, “I’m taking off yeah, I be on my way now. Feel it in the air cause I’m in a better place now. I never doubt it, no I never doubt it. If you don’t like that, leave it where you found it.” Whether you’re favorable to this new rendition or not, Pegboard Nerds proved they can craft a remake with genre-spanning flair while still maintaining an authentic ethereal element of the original.

While temperatures are beginning to drop across most of the U.S., this track might be just the cure. We need to bring back those warm, fuzzy vibes.

Tickets are still available for the few remaining dates of their Dawn of the Nerds fall tour with stops including Denver, CO; Austin, TX; Pontiac, MI; and Manhattan, NY.

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