The Pegboard Nerds seem to be exploring new musical territory with the release of their new song “Free,” a collaboration with alternative psychedelic rock band Motopony. The nerds, Norwegian DJ Alexander Odden and Danish DJ Michael Parsberg, are known for their high energy, dubstep/glitch hop style and typically produce around 150 bpm. Motopony can be found on the other end of the beautiful musical spectrum, known for their psychedelic folk/indie rock sound, typically producing at less than 100 bpm. They found a compromise at 113 bpm, producing this uplifting and awe inspiring song with a powerful message.

According to a report from the Portland Radio Project, while reading a book called “The Spell of the Sensuous” by David Abrams, the lead singer of Motopony, Daniel Blue, came across a shamanic tradition which suggested that animals, plants, tools, and even stones have a kind of perception and they echo what they are offered. It was suggested that a life lived in poor relationship with the world around oneself was perhaps the cause of all the sickness, war and suffering in the world today. This ancient perspective is represented perfectly in both lyrical choice and the production of the music video.

As the video begins, we see a beautiful ballerina (Julie Hagn) walking through a lush forest, breathing deeply and taking in all the beauty of her surroundings. As she reaches a meadow, you hear the words “I welcome you home,” and it’s like t

hey are speaking directly to you. The words seem to pull you into a trance as she performs a beautiful shamanic dance ritual, which seems to connect the dancer to her natural surroundings. The song encourages us to seek out our lost connection to the earth and to change our ways of living that are destroying it. This will lead us to a life of no regrets, and that is when we will be free.

Produced by Pegboard Nerds
Performed by Motopony
Directed by Casey Sjogren
Produced by Jenn Furber
Starring Julie Hagn


breathe just breathe
don’t wait to let go
sail your seas
embrace the unknown
I’ll welcome you home

breathe breathe
i know its all wrong
we all bleed
but we carry on
you are not alone

but if you have no regrets
have no regrets
oooh oooh oooh
you are free

kiss me kiss me
leave me tenderly
soon I’ll come back home

but if I have no regret
(you are free)
have no regret
(you are free)
oooh oooh oooh
I am free

If we have no regrets
(you never had them at all)
have no regrets
(we never had them)
we are free

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