Pengwin Drops “Never” on League of Lyons

Atlanta DJ and producer Pengwin is back. this time with a brand new melodic and groovy release titled “Never”. The track features bright and upbeat piano chords. Following, is a gradual build-up. This leads to the ever so silky vocals of Kenny Brock. Pengwin has a talent for producing music. As such, this ingrains into your brain as his chorus in ‘Never’ is insanely catchy. At that, it will have you singing along with the tune.

The drop in “Never” is synth-heavy. Also, is features Kenny Brock’s stunning falsetto. His vocal range dances across the beat in harmony. The key element in this track is the uplifting lyrics. They allow for this perfect Pop, EDM crossed tune to instantly put you in a good mood. Made for both radio and clubs, ‘Never’ has the potential to be Pengwin’s biggest release yet.

About Pengwin

The face of Pengwin remains anonymous as it is concealed behind his iconic mask that he wears. However, he pays tribute to his Latin roots and Dominican heritage through his music. Furthermore, his musical projects draw from several genres. Among them, genres include EDM, Hip Hop and R&B. Pengwin works with some of the best vocalists in the scene. With every release delivering the unexpected, there is always excitement surrounding him.

“Never” is out now on the Lyonbrotherz record label League Of Lyons.

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