Pete Ardron and Gijs de Mik Take on ‘The Edge’ Remixes

NATHASSIA and Yence505 have joined forces to bring out a remix EP of their original piece together – ‘The Edge’. This marks the first collaboration between NATHASSIA and Yence505, where they bring their contrasting backgrounds together to merge as one. It is a surprisingly catchy mix-up of Trance and Progressive House elements from Yence505 and NATHASSIA. NATHASSIA is a powerhouse artist who has been praised for her multiculturalism and worldly influences.

After a 10-year break with previous releases on renowned imprints like Machine Control, VAH Records and D-Force Records, Dutch Producer Yence505 is back and better than ever. His return brings relief to many supporting fans who have loved his sheer skills as a Producer. NATHASSIA on the other hand has had bountiful success with previous releases like ‘Rainmaker’ and ‘In My Head‘ with recent support from artists like Blasterjaxx, Andi Durrant and BL3ND. 

‘The Edge’ perfectly combines skill and dexterity

In fact, ‘The Edge’ is a perfected culmination of the skill and dexterity shared between these two. It transcribes as an atmospheric and zesty anthem crafted to take you to another plane and send shivers down your spine. Kicking off strong with Balearic melodies backed with a pulsing kick drum, we are instantly transported to a dreamy soundscape where the soft and dreamy vocals commence and carry us through the track. 

Before you know it, the drums are stripped back to reveal a change in dynamic as an airy break takes hold with more outstanding vocal work as the snare rolls gather momentum before descending into a breath-taking drop that would send any dance floor into an entranced daze of sublimity. Featuring on the EP are Producers Pete Ardron from the UK and Gijs de Mik, who resides in the Netherlands. Pete Ardron’s remix offers a chilled rework drenched in reverb. Meanwhile, Gijs De Mik’s remix flips the vibe and speeds things up with an upbeat bassline and funky synths. 

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