Pierre Reynolds’ “Set It Off” is Out Now

Pierre Reynolds is back once again with his latest House hit “Set It Off. The track consists of thumping bass, funky synths and pretty chords intertwined throughout the song. Pierre Reynolds has also made sure to include a signature soulful vocal along with a very catchy chorus with heavenly harmonies singing the title of the tune. The repetitive nature of the song allows you to lose yourself in the stunning vocal runs and lyrics that make this production so special.

Pierre Reynolds is no newcomer when it comes to producing House music, his love for the music shines through in every production he releases. You can often hear in Pierre Reynold’s tracks a fresh new take on the genre as he includes innovative instrumentation and melodies.

Ever since his first release, Pierre Reynolds’ music has been a mainstay within Traxsource’s Top 100 and Beatport’s Hype charts. In 2018 he was listed among the Top 100 Soulful House Artists and Best Of Afro/Latin/Brazilian producers.

“Set It Off is out now on Kolour Recordings

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