Piers Baron – “The Light Will Follow Us” (Music Review)

Piers Baron has been making music under several aliases since 2014. With “The Light Will Follow Us,” Baron drops a happy electro-house song with a “Madeon/Porter” vibe. The song is accompanied by autotuned vocals, for an overall futuristic-feeling track. The song’s lyrics recount a love story between two people needing to escape into the universe. Piers is using this track to help debut a newly animated persona, as seen in the imagery.

Baron said, “‘The Light Will Follow Us’ is about two people traversing different worlds together regardless of the consequences.” The song is entirely synth, except for a guitar layer, sprinkled throughout. This adds depth to the beat. Since we have seen so much variety from Piers Baron in the last three years, there’s definite reason to believe that more good music is in the works.

You can purchase or listen to this masterful song on several streaming platforms here.

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