PLS&TY Impresses with Innovative “Very Special” EP

Just interacting with this EP makes you feel part of something special

Florida-born Tommy Leas, better known as PLS&TY, is well known in the EDM scene for his unique languid bass sound. It uses meaningful lyrics and feel-good melodies to lift even the gloomiest of moods. Having his tracks remixed by EDM giants like Morgan Page, Cazzette and Rusko, he’s definitely made it. His tracks have even made their way to be featured on adverts for Hershey’s – that’s sweet. His recent EP, Very Special, is truly something to behold.

A special collaboration for Very Special

In collaboration with Foundation, PLS&TY has merged the boundaries of technology and dance music to create this unique project. He will release a special vinyl version of his EP on the website. Foundation is a brand new block-chain platform which acts as a stock exchange for art and culture. This allows the market’s natural supply and demand dictate the price of the goods sold on the platform. This dynamic pricing model lets artists benefit directly from the hype that surrounds their work. 

If you’re itching to get your hands on Very Special, you’ll have to purchase a $PECIAL digital token. Early buyers will be treated to lower prices due to the nature of the product.

Foundation serves as a glimpse into the future of culture preservation. This could very well be how retro-lovers get their fix in the next few decades.

“Foundation is an exciting new platform for creators that allows artists like me to realize the true value of our work and benefit directly from the hype that surrounds it. For a lot of people, crypto might feel inaccessible or complicated, but Foundation has built a streamlined process of buying and selling tokenized goods that puts the power in the hands of artists and our communities. Get in now, Be a part of something transformative. You’ll thank me later”.

PLS&TY explaining about Foundation

You can purchase the vinyl on Foundation here.

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