Polo & Pan Unleash Their Uplifting New Single ‘Feel Good’

Polo & Pan from Paris have released an energetic electro-house single called 'Feel Good'

Parisian electro duo Polo & Pan are the epitome of ‘good vibes.’ Their sound always instills us with a sense of joy and never disappoints with its sonic complexities. Today, they released their new single “Feel Good”, which is all of that and more. It’s their first release since last summer’s Gengis and it was definitely worth the wait. The nostalgic tune makes it impossible to not get up and dance along to its buoyant melodies. The catchy lyricism and soothing vocals give us a glimpse into what’s to come from Polo & Pan. “Feel Good” is the first track on their upcoming EP of the same name and the perfect introduction to another timeless record from the French Touch pioneers. 

Last month, the duo gifted us an hour-long eclectic mixtape, “Home Sweet Home”, a fitting soundtrack to isolation. It included rare edits and vintage records, as well as a quick snippet of today’s single “Feel Good.” Prior to their re-emergence this summer, they’ve continued to ride on the success of their debut album Caravelle, earning over 280 million streams globally. With touring on pause, we’re hoping to embark on a live digital voyage soon. After checking out this review, readers can start download and streaming “Feel Good” now.

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