Porky & Mitch Dodge’s “Road To Desert Hearts” Series with ‘Chameleon’

Two-Track 'Chameleon' EP Out Now

As the Desert Hearts Festival nears, the Desert Hearts crew have come up with the perfect way to build up the excitement for their grand festival! Each member of Desert Hearts will be releasing an EP over the course of two months. To start us off, Porky and Mitch Dodge have treated us with their Chameleon EP. It includes two songs that showcase the sounds you can expect to hear at the Desert Hearts Festival in April! 

The title track takes us to another dimension with a rumbling bassline that is present throughout the majority of the song. Avoiding any melodic elements, Porky and Mitch Dodge keep it simple on “Chameleon”. This track focuses on the perfectly engineered drum patterns, lingering vocals, and massive bassline. “Big Dog” sticks to a similar formula but it still sounds fresh in its own way. The highlight of this track is found in the breakdown. This breakdown builds up to one of the largest drops you have ever heard. 


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