The Speculations of the Upcoming Porter Robinson Project: Virtual Self

Is Virtual Self the new Porter Robinson?

Recently, Porter Robison shared a new track and video on his social media accounts. The track titled, “Eon Break,” comes from the artist Virtual Self. While the true identity of Virtual Self remains unconfirmed, speculations point to the artist as a Porter Robinson alias. The likely hood of these presumptions being true seems very high, but Porter has yet to confirm. Regardless, Porter Robinson last released track was Shelter in 2016, so fans are obviously excited to hear what he has to share.


Porter’s known influences come from Eastern culture, shown strongest by his anime heavy visuals, his music videos. Additionally, the track feels very similar to songs from the popular game Dance Dance Revolution and contains happy hardcore/night core undertones. Further, the vocal samples featured in EON BREAK sound very similar to vocal samples in previous Porter tracks. With this newest track, we wonder if we are getting a shift in dynamic from the renowned DJ/Producer.

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What do we know about Virtual Self?

Again, Porter didn’t confirm any information regarding this new project might have left easter eggs for his fans to hunt down. Luckily, Porter Robinson has built a massive and loyal fanbase that has done a considerable amount of digging into this situation and created a Reddit page that lets other fans contribute fun FACTS and help piece together this mystery puzzle Porter Robinson seems to have designed. Below, you can find some of the facts of the situation, but for a full list, please visit the Reddit link above.

  • Virtual Self is one of Porter’s side projects, as he’s said on Twitter. In the tweet, he posted a link to the music video for a track called ‘EON BREAK,’ found here
  • The Virtual Self twitter follows two other accounts: @technic_Angel, and @pathselector.
  • If you private message the facebook page of Virtual Self you get a puzzle piece.
  • All three accounts have posted something cryptic: this one was quickly deleted, the Path selector account retweeted this. Thisthisthisand this.
  • The Technic Angel account’s birth date: January 1st.
  • In the video was a short loop of scrolling text and it is speculated that the entire video is a teaser for an album consisting of the following tracks:
    17D;; A
    PHASE(OF )
    absolute phase
  • Creation of Virtual Self Twitter Account: October 2015.
  • Someone found this via the Facebook page for Virtual Self.
  • Virtual Self is listed as a label on Beatport.
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