Porter Robinson Releases “Virtual Self” EP

Porter Robinson as Virtual Self

The highly-anticipated EP “Virtual Self had fans excited about the release of two tracks, missing the remaining three. With the release of the complete EP, Porter Robinson has exceeded expectations with a newly-developed sound.

Porter Robinson is Virtual Self
Porter Robinson

After his recent tour alongside Madeon, Porter discovered inspiration for his new alias as Virtual Self. The combination of house and heavy techno presents gripping sounds that feel futuristic without letting go of the DJ’s foundations. The original happy hardcore style of Porter have fans feeling nostalgic while enjoying his developing style of EDM.

Virtual Self EP

The first track “Practical Self” introduces the EP with commentary that will take any Porter fan back to his “Worlds” album. A flood of high-pitched synthesizers and fast-paced drums prepares us for what is yet to come. The track then drops with heavy synths and bass, adding to it a hardcore sound usually foreign to Porter. The array of noises ends with a piano riff, allowing a break to the intense introduction of “Virtual Self”. 


“Ghost Voices” continues the EP as a perfect transition from the first track. Yet, we are caught off guard as the track drops with a house vibe. The heart-warming tempo forces fans to do nothing else but groove to the deep rhythm that Porter offers.  The third track, “a.i.ngel (Become God)” changes the course of the EP from house to a more techno, futuristic vibe. Heavy synths and a collection of drums revisit as a godly voice repeats “Until I Become God”.

Porter sprinkles in nostalgia for his fans with the next track “Key”. Fast-paced synths introduce the track followed by a piano riff, urging anyone listening to think about his mega-successful album. The final track, “EON Break”, ends the EP with heavy synths and an abundance of fast-paced drums. An array of futuristic sounds paired with light vocals and a hardcore vibe concludes Porter’s story of his Virtual Self.

The happy hardcore feel and slight hints of bubbly vocals once again get the heart pounding in rhythm to the beat. “Virtual Self” helps us remember why we fell in love with the DJ years ago while enjoying a new style Porter seems to be on his way to perfect.

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