Powel’s New Dreamy EP ‘Eolomea’ Out Today

All Day I Dream’s latest release comes from German producer Powel. His new four-track EP title Eolomea meshes seamlessly with the rest of All Day I Dream’s top talent. All of the tracks work together to create a cohesive EP that’ll make you drift through your day with ease.

The tracks bring the perfect combination of ambient melodies and stand out bass lines. Although this EP takes on a more mellow role on the electronic spectrum, it’s nothing short of exciting. One standout track that sucks you in straight from the title is the first track “On A Whale Through The Desert.” Powel chose the perfect title for this one because it truly does sound like exactly that. In the midst of a current market saturated by heavy beats and rapid BPMs, it’s refreshing to hear Powel’s dreamy tracks.

Listen to Powel’s EP Eolomea below!

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