Primal Feelings – All The Boys Go Back In Time [Kno6 Remix] [Review]

All The Boys Go Back In Time (Kno6 Remix)

When you start listening to this Kno6 remix of this Primal Feelings track, you have no idea you are in for a surprise. Male vocals lead the track and they are soft and beautiful. The sweet piano melody slowly increases in speed and some background sound effects are added. The folk-style mood created from the start causes you to let your guard down. It’s a wholesome, cute, sweet, love-sounding song.

However, once the song reaches the top of the build-up, bass and horns hit you out of nowhere. It’s a dirty surprise┬áthat you didn’t even know you wanted. The lyrics state: “beneath the grime, we feel just fine,” but this grimy drop makes you feel better than fine. The blast of energy you get from this track is incredible.

It should be noted that this remix is actually a “premix” – according to the band Primal Feelings, the original version of their song comes out on October 20th. It’ll be interesting to hear this song within the context of the original. As for this unique remix (premix), it┬ásorta has this weird sinister vibe to it. We wouldn’t be surprised to see this one on a lot of Halloween playlists this season.

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