Producer Bon-Psy and Singer Shauni Release Blüm

Blüm is the latest collaboration from the intellectual electronic producer Bon-Psy and forthright electronic Pop/R&B vocalists Shauni. This abstract and conscious track brings an in depth look into the equivalence of a flower’s life span and the life of a human being. As a human experiences the various states of life and the emotions that come with it, a flower blooms just the same. This collaboration reminds each listener that all lives possess their own valid experience no matter if it is a person or a rose. Blüm offers the opportunity of interpretation and that is up to each individual, and with what the listeners can experience personally, the artists added their own personal experience to this track.

Sharing her struggles and truth with domestic violence lyrically, Shauni takes a courageous leap. Domestic violence is and has been a traumatic reality for many individuals. Unfortunately, what continues the painful reality is the lack of support or acknowledgment for the victims. Acknowledgement is a must but what they really need is help. Either the help of removing their physical body from a home or the help of mental and emotional support.


Bon-Psy and Shauni have come together to spread awareness on domestic violence in an artistic way and in an authentic way. The fear that many victims of domestic violence carry is in sharing their story. Bon-Psy and Shauni are using their voice to be the voice for those who feel they do not have one. It is not unlike Bon-Psy to create music that does more than just bring pleasure to a listeners headphones. He consistently releases tracks that are filled with a message that is triggering in ways people aren’t always aware of. Music, like Blüm, can be truly defined as healing medicine at its core.


Off the Record

Like a lotus flower that grows in the dark and dampness, it beautifully blossoms despite its origins. Thats the message and sentiment behind Blüm. The words, “I can still bloom” is what every domestic violence survivor possess. Their strength is the exact reason why they can bloom. Whether they are aware of it or not it’s available for them. These artists came together to shine a light on whats ignored. They came together to provoke thought and conversation about life. With hopes that the awareness of domestic violence and its victims, will bring about the change and help so many lives need.

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