Purple Phase vs. KRCL ft. Ashley Jana ‘Boomerang’ (I Need You)

Featuring the vocal talent of New York-based Ashley Jana, the single builds on an extensive musical history for both artists & welcomes in a new chapter in fitting style.

Purple Phase’s journey began back in the hedonistic days of the 90’s London House music scene, under his previous moniker Meric – when he first discovered a number of his brother’s cassette tapes & was drawn into the electronica vortex. A move into music production was a natural progression & this was then followed by the first in a wave of studio output, delivering a fresh sound to many of his late nineties inspirations. Fast forward to more recent times, Meric now produces under Purple Phase & his motto is to “create original soundscapes & reveal uncharted waters, as opposed to sticking to the ordinary and stereotypical”.

KRCL is an Istanbul-based artist, producer & DJ. His productions traverse across genres & is someone who doesn’t conform to rules, instead of setting out his own agenda & can often be found experimenting & blending a varying mix of sounds. Alongside another successful career path & working on a music album for his very first publication, The Lao Book – creativity found its way & KRCL now focuses on his long-time passion for music – aiming to reach a global audience, which is underpinned by a relentless drive & focus.

Teaming up with Ashley Jana, who’s previously worked with revered UK producer eSQUIRE, along with Portuguese based Pete Tha Zouk – Purple Phase vs. KRCL’s forthcoming ‘Boomerang’ (I Need You) is a feel-good slice of electronica & has already been selected as Apple Music Turkey’s Top Pick of the Week.

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