QAPITAL 2020 Anthem: Act of Rage and Last Word-“The Alpha State”

Act of Rage and Last Word “The Alpha State” is a raw hardstyle anthem representing the sounds of QAPITAL 2020. Each spring, the QAPITAL event brings the best of raw hardstyle talents to its unique center stage inside the Ziggo Dome of Amsterdam. As such, select artist have the privilege of sharing thier music at the decks and for others the opportunity to produce the anthem. The QAPITAL 2020 anthem comes in with the sense raw sounds by Act of Rage and Last Word “The Alpha State”.

Act of Rage and Last Word “The Alpha State”

A proper hardstyle anthem, Act of Rage and Last Word “The Alpha State” blends the melodic structure to some violent kick rolls of the hardcore and raw interpretations of the underlying hardstyle sound.

Huge lead synths, saturated with noise, really brighten up the melody which is full of intense fierce vibes. As a result, the larger than life sound design and musical stylings appeal across the interpretations of the hardstyle sounds. As such, the melodic anthem sound and noisy and distorted instrumentals of raw hardstyle.

Furthermore, the kick drum comes in a variety of hardstyle interpretations including raw hardstyle and hardcore types. Audibly favoring the rawer, more coarse textures of crafting the hardstyle kickdrums, this track really standouts as a raw hardstyle.

Motivating lyrics inspire the the alpha state of this years theme for QAPITAL 2020. For example, “beast mode” is among the phrases in the track. Overall, the lyrics have a commanding attitude that fits QAPITAL.

About the artists

Act of Rage and Last Word are emerging stars in the raw hardstyle scene. These artists have releases on many of the major hardstyle record labels. For example, labels like Minus is More, and Gearbox Digital. These artists are proving the can deliver the best of the best.

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