Radio Slave, Thomas Gandey Remixed “Together We Stand”

The newest remix of Myd’s single, “Together We Stand“, has arrived. Radio Slave and Thomas Gandey have curated a groovy, house-spin on the track. “Together We Stand” is the first single from Myd’s upcoming debut album. The album plans to release in the fall on French dance label Ed Banger Records.

The remix combines a pulsing four-to-the-floor house beat and bright piano chords draped with Myd’s own vocal sample. This unique combination culminates in a fun, energetic tune. “Together We Stand” represents what is to come with the album as a whole. It blends elements of indie pop and folk with classic electronica and French Touch.

“Together We Stand talks about a community of people who devote their lives to the community. I wrote most of the album when I was on tour, and after the release of my first EP on Ed Banger, I saw this dance community around us and the electronic community [as a whole]. It’s a bit too cheesy for me to translate it like, “hey, everyone is dancing on the dance floor and girls are beautiful,” so I chose a different way. I translated it as if it was a community all living together and dedicating a part of their life to music. It’s almost talking about a cult.”

Myd shared a detailed explanation of what “Together We Stand” means to him:

Radio Slave and Thomas Gandey’s remix is the latest to be added to the Together We Stand Remix EP. The remix pack also includes remixes from Bullion, Wuh Ho, Sam Tiba, and Bastien D. Listen to Radio Slave and Thomas Gandey’s remix HERE.

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